30 Years of Change Campaign


Kendra Parry, MS, CADC, CIP, CCSM
Director, PHP Program

There is nothing like working at the PHP. Some days are stressful, but every day is rewarding. The PHP makes and receives between 20,000-25,000 phone calls every year, and no two calls are ever the same. I have spoken to hundreds of participants and heard their stories. Not only do we talk about their recovery activities, but we talk about life. I have had calls about babies being born, loved ones passing away, finding/losing jobs, and the best place to have a steak in Vegas.

Earlier this summer I got a phone call from a participant that I will never forget. When I answered the phone I was greeted with, “WE DID IT!” This participant had recently completed his PHP monitoring agreement. During our conversation he talked about how he was so grateful for the PHP's help that he doesn’t feel like he completed the agreement, but that he and the PHP were responsible for reaching that milestone. It was not an easy road to the successful completion of his monitoring agreement, however, he embraced his recovery and never gave up.

This year, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the PHP has been amazing. In the last three years, the PHP and its participants have inspired me to set my own goals and to never quit working towards being the best version of myself. I am blessed to be a part of the PHP. Thank you for sharing and trusting me with your stories.