Distinguished Lifetime Fellows

Foundation Fellows are donors who have made a planned gift to ensure the future of Foundation programs and have notified the Foundation in writing of their plans. If you have made provisions for a planned gift to the Foundation, we want to hear from you. Here are our Foundation Fellows.

Dr. Doris G. Bartuska*
Dr. and Mrs. Jasper G. Chen See*
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Cole*
Dr. Jeanne A. Cooper*
Drs. Harold R. Cottle* and Betty L. Cottle*
Drs. Jitendra M. Desai and Saryu J. Desai
Dr. Jan R. J. Devries* and Mrs. Klasina Devries
Dr. J. Albert Eyler* and Mrs. Doris Eyler
Dr. Henry* and Mrs. Marian H. Fetterman
Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Fischer*
Dr. Jean L. Forest*
Dr. Marjorie Gillespy
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Grandon*
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Heaps*
Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter*
Dr. Frank W. Jackson* and Mrs. Ellen Jackson
Drs. Albert S. Kroser and Lila* Kroser
Dr. Stefan P. Kruszewski
Dr. Robert L. Lasher* and Mrs. Dolores Lasher

Dr. and Mrs. Dorothy Lawrence*
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Levin*
Dr. Clifford H. Lyons
Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert A. Lyons*
Dr. and Mrs. Mathew Marshall*
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Miller*
Dr. Donald E. Parlee* and Mrs. Joan Parlee
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Pascal
Dr. Gerald W. Pifer and Mrs. Martha* A. Pifer
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Regan*
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Robertson*
Dr. Joan M. Ruffle and Mr. George E. Gish
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Savastio*
Dr. Joseph Schatanoff*
Drs. Jitendra N. Shah and Lina J. Shah
Dr. and Mrs. Satish A. Shah
Dr. Kelly Siu*
Dr. Donald H. Smith*
Dr. and Mrs. Ferdinand L. Soisson Jr.*
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Teichman
Dr. Raymond C. Truex Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Vukmer
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Zadecky

Foundation Sustainers Circle Donors

Consider becoming a member of the Foundation Sustainers Circle through our recurring gift program. By making regular monthly contributions to support Foundation programs, you join a special group of donors! We recognize that you are busy, and our intent is to establish a worry-free means for you to ensure your support. The Foundation will charge your credit card on a regular basis, and you can be assured that your commitment to the Foundation is fulfilled.

Stephanie Benner
Gary Bonfante, DO
Tiffany M. Booher, MA, LPC, CAADC, CIP, CCSM
Susan Caputo
Kenneth M. Certa, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Dewar III
Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Freifeld
Virginia E. Hall, MD, FACOG, FACP, and Mr. John B. Hall
Daniel B. Kimball Jr., MD, FACP, and C. Eve J. Kimball, MD

Andrew Lutzkanin III, MD
Clifford H. Lyons, MD
Deborah K. Monko
Gwendolyn A. Poles, DO, FACP
Martin P. Raniowski, MPP, FCPP, CAE
Lorraine L. Rosamilia, MD
Donna Rovito
Raymond C. Truex Jr., MD, FAANS, FACS
Chad P. Walker, DO, FACR
Annette Weaver
John P. Williams, MD
Heather A. Wilson, MSW, CFRE, CAE


If you would like more information on giving, contact me!

Lori M. Storm
Manager of Philanthropy & Hospital Relations
Email: lstorm@pamedsoc.org
Phone: (717) 558-7813