Your gift means physicians can turn to us for guidance, support and advocacy.

Sustainers Circle

Expand the dollar value of your recurring gift by joining the Sustainers Circle. If you are over 70 and a half years old, you may want to consider the tax saving benefits you can receive by making a gift from your IRA, and utilizing your required minimal distributions (RMD).

Join this growing ensemble, Foundation Sustainers Circle

Gifts of appreciate securities are a way to make gifts at a lower cost than an equivalent gift of cash. Some of the benefits of giving gifts of stock include the bypassing of potential capital gains, reducing future taxes, and conserving cash on hand. Stock gifts can be made by calling the Foundation directly at
(717) 558-7846.

Honorium Gifts

Want to recognize the accomplishments of your family, friends or colleagues? 

Every year the Foundation honors PAMED's outgoing President, our way of saying thank you to the leader of PAMED for his or her support of our core programs. Through the Foundation's Honorium Gifts, you can honor individuals that have made a difference.  

*When you make a honorium gift, the Foundation is able to notify the honorium.

Memorial Gifts

Creating a lasting remembrance of someone who has been a valuable contributor to the medical community can be both an acknowledgment of their career, and what their memory means to you personally. Through memorial gifts, the Foundation will be able to pay it forward in their honor. 

*Recipients' families will receive acknowledgment of your memorial gift.

Future Gifts

Through various avenues your legacy can be continued in a number of ways, and we will work with you to achieve your philanthropic aspirations. Below are two additional pathways that have proven to make a difference. Legacy Gift Information to view complete list.

To no cost to you during your lifetime, consider a transformational gift passed along through your will. Entrusting gifts to the Foundation allows us to pass along your legacy through our core programs.

Bequest Commitment Form

To learn more about making a Bequest Commitment, Bequest Commitment Details

Charitable Gift Annuities are also a very popular means to make a gift. Through an agreed transfer of cash and/or property with the Foundation, donors will receive a partial tax deduction at favorable rates and potential annual income streams.

To submit a Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Gift Annuities form and mail to Lori at The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (400 Winding Creek Blvd., Mechanicsburg, PA 17050).


If you would like more information on giving, contact me!

Lori M. Storm
Manager of Philanthropy & Hospital Relations
Phone: (717) 558-7813