Loan Borrower Portal

All borrowers can access personal and financial information listed on their Foundation student loan account via the Web. The Student Financial Services Borrower Web Portal allows borrowers to:
  • Verify receipt of payment
  • Request a statement of account
  • Obtain current principal balance
  • Update contact information
  • Update medical school and residency training information
  • Review check disbursement
  • Review interest rates
  • Review school and deferment interest accrued
  • Request various forms
  • Send inquiries or comments directly to the student financial services staff
  • Link directly to information on the Foundation’s website
  • To gain access to the SFS Borrower Web Portal, visit https://applications.foundationpamedsoc.org/sfs and enter the following: (*Password is case sensitive)

    • User Name: first and last name (i.e., john.smith)
    • Password: As listed in the previously mailed letter announcing the web portal

    Password information can be changed from within your account, and it is recommended that you do change it every so often for security reasons. If the password is forgotten, it can be emailed to you but only if you have a valid email address listed on file; therefore, be sure to update your email address if needed.



    To obtain more information on loans, contact me!

    Deborah K. Monko
    Director, Student Financial Services
    Phone: (717) 558-7809
    Email: studentservices-foundation@pamedsoc.org



    To obtain more information on scholarships, contact me!

    Susan Caputo
    Manager, Finance, Compliance & Scholarships
    Phone: (717) 558-7815
    Email: studentservices-foundation@pamedsoc.org