If you have questions regarding the Physicians' Health Program's services, or resources, please contact us. For your convenience, we have made a FAQ document readily available for you.

Specific areas covered within our frequently asked questions resource include:

  • How large of a problem is chemical dependency among physicians, and how long does it usually take physicians to recover?
  • What kinds of problems will the PHP accept, and can we be sued for reporting a physician?
  • What are the benefits of the PHP and is there any cost?
  • If a person is referred to the PHP, does this threaten his or her license?
  • Is the PHP affiliated with the State Board of Medicine and how does the PHP work with the board?
  • Why should we have a Medical Staff Health Committee and who should be on the committee?
  • Because of the need for confidentiality, how will committees know the status of a physician in the program?
  • How can the Employee Assistance Program best relate to the Medical Staff Health Committee and the PHP?