30 Years of Change Campaign



Early recovery from drug addiction was full of pain and shame. My relapse after eight months of sobriety had led me to license revocation in Delaware. I had been fired. Relations were strained at home. An attorney had told me that he wouldn’t represent me because he loathed addicts. My mentor in medicine declined to write me a letter of recommendation because he didn’t think that physician addicts should return to work.

In an attempt to restart my professional life I came to Harrisburg to defend my license in Pennsylvania. Greg Gable met me in a coffee shop near the board hearing. He comforted me with his calming presence, and competent professional demeanor. He spoke for me at the hearing, tipping the scales in favor of me retaining my license. My profession was re-launched with my recovery.

After 25 years in recovery I look back on those who made it possible. I attended the Caduceus meeting in Philadelphia where I was greeted and found that I was neither unique nor alone. My wife stayed around and worked with me to build a wonderful family. I benefited from the amazing wisdom of my sponsor Steve G. And through it all PHP educated me, supported me and advocated for my healthy progression through this wonderful journey which is recovery.