30 Years of Change Campaign



My husband’s ongoing family problems were out of control. He began self prescribing medication and became addicted. Seventeen years ago, the DEA came into his office. I was there. What I thought was the worst day of my life turned out to be the best day. My husband was going to get help. The next morning he was admitted to a rehabilitation hospital for treatment.

The DEA gave me the PHP’s telephone number and told me to call. The PHP referred me to Dr. Jon Shapiro. I spoke with Jon that day. He was very kind and gave me direction. After my husband’s release from rehab, we met with Jon. He had great influence in his recovery. In addition to his ongoing treatment, Jon referred him to the weekly Caduceus meetings where he was comfortable with his peers. I also attended the Caduceus spouse/significant other meetings which were very helpful along with other group meetings.

I am very grateful for all of the people with the PHP. Their monitoring program, along with other programs, were one of my safety zones. I am happy to say my husband’s health issues are controlled and he is doing well with his recovery.