Frequently Asked Questions

Deferring Your Medical Student Loan from Repayment

  • 1. When does the Foundation medical student loan become due?

  • 2. Who is eligible to defer their loan from repayment?

  • 3. How long can the loan be deferred from repayment?

  • 4. How can a deferment from repayment be obtained?

  • 5. How will I know if the deferment from repayment was granted?

  • 6. Does interest accrue while the loan is deferred from repayment?



To obtain more information on loans, contact me!

Deborah K. Monko
Director, Student Financial Services
Phone: (717) 558-7809
Email: studentservices-foundation@pamedsoc.org



To obtain more information on scholarships, contact me!

Susan Caputo
Manager, Finance, Compliance & Scholarships
Phone: (717) 558-7815
Email: studentservices-foundation@pamedsoc.org