Grateful Heart

By: Tiffany M. Booher, MA, LPC, CAADC, CIP, CCSM
Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Our minds become noisy, our hearts overburdened, and quickly we fall out of the present moment. While the pandemic continues, I find myself with some of these feelings. Preoccupied with the future… wondering what kind of world we will be living in, how things will be a month, a year, a decade from now. When will we see some relief from the constant daily challenges we are all facing. My thoughts wander and my monkey mind takes over. Worry, Fear, Anger…

In my own search for relief, a good friend of mine reminded me that in a grateful heart there is no room for worry, fear, or anger. She discussed her belief in the energetics of our thoughts and that an attitude of abundance will attract more abundance. I mulled this over for a few days. After some time in reflection, I realized I had to institute some changes. I made a commitment to myself to spend more and more time turning to my mindfulness practice to center and ground me in the present moment, to raise my level of awareness to my breath, my surroundings and experiences as they unfold. Each day, I comb through my experiences to identify morsels of gratitude while I prepare for sleep. This allows me to go to sleep thinking positively and in a place of peace.

This has made a dramatic difference in the way I experience the world around me and has helped shift my mind to a calm, focused state. I share this anecdote to hopefully encourage others to take a moment, on purpose, to just be. As difficult as it may be in today’s demanding culture, spend a few minutes in reflection on the small and large things we have to be grateful for each day.

Tiffany M. Booher, MA, LPC, CAADC, CIP, CCSM