In this difficult time, the Foundation, PHP and LifeGuard staff members are committed to meeting your needs virtually. You may reach us the following ways…

Foundation Staff: Phone: (717) 558-7750 or (800) 228-7823 and Email: 
PHP Staff:
Phone: (866) 747-2255 or (717) 558-7819, Friday (emergency calls only) Phone: (717) 558-7817, Fax: (855) 933-2605 and Email:
LifeGuard Staff: Phone: 717-909-2590, Fax: (855) 943-3361 and Email: 

Additional resource: Face COVID – How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis by Dr. Russ Harris


From the Executive Director: You are not alone

By: Heather Wilson, MSW, CFRE, CAE

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve heard many say, “I’ve never been more connected and yet, I’ve never felt so alone.” As we continue in this period of uncertainty, it is imperative to take the time to mindfully appreciate those who live, lead, serve, play and work beside you. Therefore, my message today is one of heartfelt gratitude.

During this time of challenge, the Foundation has reconfigured its workflows and processes to ensure we are responding to the newest drivers of stress for our PHP participants, LifeGuard clients and medical students. Dr. Edwin Kim, one of our PHP medical directors, created a helpful guide for practices and other employers to identify when the signs of stress are becoming a deeper clinical concern. This free resource is available at

Amidst our coronavirus adjustments, our trustees kept their eye on multiple key issues. In an effort to support diversity within the physician profession, the 2020 Foundation Award will be given to a medical student from a minority background. Within this publication, Dr. Gwendolyn Poles and Dr. Ericka Pinckney address the trauma associated with re-experiencing the videos that call to our attention the continued need to stand against racial injustice. The PHP Advisory Committee and Board of Trustees completed a year-long process to review and finalize our policy regarding medication-assisted treatment.

While caring for those we serve, we have also endeavored to demonstrate care and commitment to our staff who are the backbone of our daily operations. We ask, “How are you – really?” We pause to make sure we are truly listening to the spoken and unspoken answer. We are intentionally making sure we remain connective and supportive.

At the Foundation, we want our donors, clients, students, participants and colleagues to know – you are not alone. We are here to help, to listen and to serve. We are here to authentically connect whether it be a Zoom meeting, a call or an in-person meeting spaced six feet apart. We thank you for your continued support that ensures that we can continue our life-saving and life-changing work regardless of the challenges ahead.