PHP Update - Spring 2019

In this issue:

  • Selfless service, incredible impact: Thank you, Dr. Charles Burns

    With his six-year term on the Physicians’ Health Program Committee coming to an end, the PHP honors Dr. Charles Burns for his service to his fellow physicians and the work of the PHP.

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  • Executive Director Message: Learning to practice what we preach

    Safely landing planes in the midst of multiple tornadoes, one plane at a time to minimize the damage and body count, often seems like an ideal way to describe my work and life. Many days I find myself working from 5 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. For those who work around me, I strongly encourage work-life balance; yet, I often fail to practice what I preach.

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  • Addiction, disability insurance and your professional license

    Disability insurance can help to alleviate some of the financial difficulties caused by addiction, such as loss of employment and costs of treatment. But what happens to these benefits when a physician whose license is restricted in some manner attempts to return to the practice of medicine?

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  • PHP Medical Director Message: Why can’t I have a drink on call?

    Is it permissible to drink on call? This question, simple on first inspection, deepens into uncertainty with further scrutiny. Is it safe and acceptable to drink alcohol while you are away from the work site, but may need to decide issues of health and safety?

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  • National Doctors’ Day – March 30

    National Doctors’ Day recognizes the important work you do every day as medical professionals. Your charge is unique and your dedication to your communities is appreciated.

    During your career, surely there has been a fellow physician, mentor, friend or colleague that has truly touched your heart and changed your life for the better. We would like to help you celebrate those who have supported you in your journey.

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  • PHP Medical Director: King Baby gets an evaluation

    When a physician starts practicing medicine in a new setting, he or she begins to set up a network of preferred specialists to refer patients. These preferred physicians are chosen because of a variety of factors, including the skill of the specialist, their demeanor, interpersonal skills, experience, specialized training, outcomes, cost, location and many other subtle factors. The PHP is not so different than other health care providers in its desire to establish a network of skilled specialists to evaluate individuals who have contacted the PHP when their reputations, health and careers are threatened by addiction, mental illness or behavioral irregularities.

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  • Working for You

    This new regular feature in PHP Update introduces staff members from the Physicians’ Health Program at the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

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  • Welcome New Committee Members!

    This Spring we welcome two new Committee Members.

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  • From the PHP Director: Know us before you need us

    At the Physicians’ Health Program, we do more than just provide case management services and monitoring to participants dealing with substance use disorders, mental health conditions or behavioral concerns. The PHP is here to educate individuals and institutions on these conditions and provide presentations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Spread the word and save a life with PHP posters

Seeking help when you’re suffering from a substance use disorder, mental illness or other behavioral issue is hard. Compound with the pressures of working in the medical field and it becomes even harder.

The Physicians’ Health Program is here to help. We’ve created a set of posters for hospitals and other medical facilities to display in common areas where professionals gather. These eye-catching, yet simple designs can discreetly provide a struggling physician with the lifeline needed to get help.

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