Re-Entry/Re-Instatement Assessment


Re-Entry/Re-Instatement Assessment

For a multitude of reasons, a physician may choose to leave the active practice of medicine. Illness, raising a family and caring for parents are just a few of the difficult life challenges that may require a physician to take an extended leave of four or more years.

Each state licensure board has different requirements regarding the time away from medicine that requires the completion of a re-entry program as a requirement for returning to the active practice of medicine.

The LifeGuard Re-Entry /Re-Instatement program provides a pathway for physicians who wish to reenter the practice of medicine after an absence or for reinstatement of a license following a disciplinary action. We provide an unbiased, targeted assessment that can validate a physician's clinical skills and readiness to re-enter the workforce. If deficiencies are identified, LifeGuard will provide a recommended path for remediation to address concerns in the most efficient manner possible.

What to expect

A physician will undergo a series of assessments to validate clinical skill and readiness to continue practicing. LifeGuard utilizes a diverse array of assessment tools to measure clinical competence. A unique and common component involves time in an active practice setting through a customized preceptorship or shadowing arrangement. LifeGuard also provides practice monitoring when a medical board has required practice monitoring as an essential requirement for the reinstatement of a license.

Medical knowledge is assessed primarily through the use of the Post Licensure Assessment System's (PLAS) practice-based exams (created by the National Board of Medical Examiners® [NBME®] and Federation of State Medical Boards [FSMB ]).

Other common assessment components include:

  • Standardized patients
  • Simulations to test procedural and specialty skills
  • Participant-specific preceptor experiences
  • Knowledge assessment of clinical documentation samples
  • Peer Review
  • Documentation evaluations

All evaluations are based on individualized circumstances and situations. Additional assessment tools are available based on the concerns identified by the referral source. When applicable, LifeGuard will develop individualized recommendations for remediation, as required, based on deficiencies identified through the assessment process. The recommendations for remediation afford the physician the opportunity to refresh knowledge and skills.

Who should consider the LifeGuard Re-Entry/Re-Instatement Assessment pathway

Physicians choosing to re-enter practice or who are seeking re-instatement of a medical license should consider the re-entry/re-instatement pathway. LifeGuard serves as a referral source for state licensure boards and helps organizations meet the goals and objectives of state licensure board and federal corporate integrity agreements.

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