More than $3 million in PAMED Community Care Grants awarded

In February, the Pennsylvania Medical Society announced a partnership with Care Centered Collaborative and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to make nearly $4 million in PAMED Community Care Grants available to physicians (who work in the community and are not affiliated with a health care system or hospital) to support services and projects designed to improve health care and make health care more accessible. “The members of the Pennsylvania Medical Society are thankful for this generous, compassionate grant from Highmark,” said PAMED President Michael DellaVecchia, MD, PhD, FACS, FICS, FCPP. “It will allow us to greatly expand our efforts for high quality, diversified, community care.” The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society served as the 501(c)(3) conduit to receive and administer the grant on behalf of PAMED.

Eligible projects included:
  • Health care services for people who are uninsured and unable to pay for services.
  • Programs for the prevention and treatment of disease or injury, including, but not limited to, mental health or the promotion of health or wellness.
  • Other services or programs, including but not limited to, health or mental health services for veterans and the prevention of other conditions, behaviors, or activities that are adverse to good health.
Physicians who are PAMED members, are not affiliated with health systems or hospitals, and are engaged in the full-time patient-facing practice of medicine in an outpatient setting or federally qualified health center were eligible to apply.

Prior to the June 1 deadline, PAMED received 225 Community Grant applications. In total, 135 applications were approved for a total of $3,730,000 benefitting 292 physicians. Additionally, 25 were sent to PAMED’s legal department for a second opinion; 59 were not approved, and six were not reviewed due to not meeting criteria.

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