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Lycoming County Medical Society rewards hometown future physicians

The Lycoming County Medical Society Scholarship is an award for medical students from Lycoming County.

Established within the Foundation, this scholarship is made possible by contributions from Lycoming County physicians. Each year, between one and three scholarships is awarded.

Susan Branton, MD, FACS is a member of the committee that evaluates applicant submissions and provides scoring to determine recipients. She is the medical director at UPMC Kathryn Candor Lundy Breast Health Center in Williamsport.

“Working on the committee always takes me back to my own training and what it was like to live through those times,” Dr. Branton said.

She looks forward to reading the applicants’ submissions and learning about their aspirations.

“It is always a very rewarding experience to review the applications and see the amazing accomplishments that they have achieved in their young careers,” Dr. Branton said. “The amount of time they give back with volunteer efforts is impressive.”

In the past, Dr. Branton has been charged with introducing the award recipient at the county medical society’s annual banquet. It is an honor she enjoyed, but one that sadly has not been possible to hold because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“The students are always so appreciative of the awards,” she said. “Our medical society members really love hearing their accomplishments and talking with them about their futures.”

Dr. Branton values the relationship formed between the medical students from Lycoming County and their hometown medical society.

Since 2002, the LCMS has awarded 39 scholarships to 31 students. Ten are still students or residents. Three have returned to practice in Lycoming County. Several have military commitments.

“I think it is so important to reach out to future physicians at this level of training to engage them with the society and the benefits it has for all in our profession,” she said. “It is important for them to know the level of local activity of our society and how this folds out on state and other levels.”

The scholarship is made possible by the generosity of the Lycoming County Medical Society’s members.

Dr. Branton reaches out to potential donors with letters and fundraising is conducted through a silent auction at the annual banquet.

“I also encourage donors to remember back in the day when they were students and living on lean budgets and how much scholarship funds could offer financial relief,” Dr. Branton said.

Being a part of the scholarship committee and participating in the award process has been rewarding for Dr. Branton and other professionals.

“The applicants have been a breath of fresh air for our seasoned providers who have gotten disenchanted with medicine over the years,” Dr. Branton said.

Is your county medical society interested in establishing a scholarship fund with the Foundation? You can make an impact on the future of medicine in your own community. Contact Lori Storm, manager of philanthropy and hospital relations, at (717) 558-7813 or email lstorm@