Tyler Lawson Bogaczyk receives Lycoming County Medical Society scholarship

Lycoming County Medical Society awarded a $3,000 scholarship to medical student Tyler Lawson Bogaczyk, son of Debbie and Dutch Bogaczyk of Williamsport. He is a first-year medical student at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton.

Tyler-BogacykBogaczyk’s interest in a career in medicine was inspired at a young age when his father was diagnosed with cancer. “Having a role in his care revealed my desire to help sick people overcome their diseases and started me down the road towards becoming a physician,” he said.

While completing his master’s degree at Drexel University, he started the Drexel Dragon Claws, the first Philadelphia-based chapter of the e-NABLE community, a global network of volunteers who use 3D printing to expand access to upper limb prosthetic devices. Bogaczyk and his team were able to improve the quality of life for multiple disabled children by providing them with customized 3D-printed devices at no cost to their families. He has already begun the process of starting an e-NABLE chapter in Scranton.

“My generation will be practicing in a new era of advanced medicine, but we must remember to never diminish the ‘human’ component of healing,” he said. “The most important contribution I can guarantee is my assurance that I will always do my best to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to my patients, with the aim of helping them persevere through their most challenging times.”

In 2002, Lycoming County Medical Society began awarding the scholarship to benefit medical students from the county. Contributions from area physicians support the scholarship, and The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society administers the funds. Lycoming County Medical Society provides member physicians with educational presentations, networking opportunities, and legislative and administrative support. It also serves as a community resource for public health information and communication.

The Foundation, a nonprofit affiliate of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, sustains the future of medicine in Pennsylvania by providing programs that support medical education, physician health and excellence in practice. It has been helping to finance medical education for more than 60 years.

For more information about this scholarship, or other scholarship opportunities, please visit www.foundationpamedsoc.org/student-financial-services/scholarships. For questions, contact the Foundation’s Student Financial Services Director, Deborah Monko, at (717) 558-7854.