LifeGuard CME Courses/Collaborations

Controlled Substance & Opioid Prescribing Educational Program  

In partnership with Penn Medicine, Lifeguard offers a comprehensive program led by Penn Medicine faculty, that covers prescribing issues identified by state boards of medicine for physicians who want to become more comfortable with the guidelines. We also offer practice monitoring and sessions for remediation when prescribing practices are called into question. Download program flyer


Medical Records Course

In partnership with KSTAR, the Medical Record Documentation course is a two-day, in-person program designed for physicians to increase their ability to effectively maintain medical records. Maintaining proper medical records reduces risk to the provider, enhances quality of care and assists in meeting compliance standards. Download program flyer


Communications Course

This course is a three-day educational program aimed at enhancing medication prescribing behaviors and will examine this important topic from legal, regulatory, biomedical, clinical, patient, and patient safety perspectives. (course details coming soon