LifeGuard Assessment Programs


When an event arises wherein a physician’s medical knowledge, clinical skills or health status are called into question, LifeGuard is a resource for physicians. LifeGuard’s pathways, inclusive of recommended remediation services, are uniquely tailored to the individual's needs and specialty.

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Why choose LifeGuard

A nationally-recognized program, LifeGuard has been a vanguard for addressing clinical competency assessment needs for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Conceptualized by doctors for Doctors; LifeGuard provides comprehensive assessment services and recommendations for remediation tailored to the individual needs of physicians and other eligible healthcare professionals. Through carefully customized evaluation programs we aim to facilitate higher performing physicians, promote patient safety, and enhance the quality of medical care provided to ensure complete clinical competence. LifeGuard is not associated with any health system and as a core tenant utilizes a team of independent evaluators who have an explicit goal to fairly evaluate the physician.


If you would like more information on our program, contact me.

Marcia Lammando, RN, BSN, MHSA
Director, LifeGuard Program
Phone: 717-909-2590