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"My experience with LifeGuard® was exceptional. Staff members and evaluators were competent, friendly, and efficient. Evaluations were fairly designed and as objective as possible. Their report was thorough and accurate and was generated quickly. I highly recommend this organization."


"I just want to say thank you to Lifeguard® for working with me in my time of need. Everyone was extra nice and helpful, and your assessments were fair and accurate. I think Lifeguard is the perfect name for your program and the service it provides is priceless. I would highly recommend the program to any physician in need."


"I would highly recommend LifeGuard® to another physician if asked. I found LifeGuard® to be a highly professional organization. My interactions with LifeGuard® were all positive, helpful and oriented to completing a thorough evaluation and program."


"Everyone on the LifeGuard® staff was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. I was informed of all components of the program in a timely manner and the assessment process was clearly explained to me."


LifeGuard®’s mission is to promote patient safety and quality of care by providing comprehensive and individualized clinical assessments and educational remediation plans for physicians referred to the program.

What is LifeGuard®?

LifeGuard® is nationally recognized program that addresses clinical competency assessment needs for physicians and other health care professionals.

  • Provides comprehensive assessment services and recommendations for remediation that are tailored to the individual needs of each participant.
  • Through carefully customized evaluation programs we facilitate higher performing physicians and promote patient safety to ensure complete clinical competence.
  • LifeGuard® is not associated with any health system and works with a team of independent, actively-practicing evaluators to fairly evaluate our participants.

Why choose LifeGuard®

When an event arises wherein a physician’s medical knowledge, clinical skills, or health status are called into question, LifeGuard® is a resource for:

  • State boards of medicine
  • Hospitals & health systems
  • Physician group practices
  • Health care attorneys
  • Physicians

LifeGuard® is also available as a resource for physicians looking to re-enter active medical practice after an extended absence, transition into being a retired physician (PA physicians only) or to become re-eligible for board certification for Emergency Medicine.

LifeGuard’s® programs, inclusive of recommended remediation services when applicable, are uniquely tailored to the individual's needs and specialty.

The LifeGuard® Team

LifeGuard’s® team facilitates the day to day operations including scheduling, proposal and report writing, and assessment administration.  They are also responsible for doing outreach and fostering the relationships with medical licensing boards, facilities and physicians across the country.

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“We believe that each of our participants should be provided with a fair and comprehensive evaluation. When an individual participates in LifeGuard®, our team will ensure they will be treated with the respect, integrity and dignity which are the core values of the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.”


Tracey Ziegler, RN, BSN
Director, LifeGuard® Program
Phone: 717-909-2590
Fax: 1-855-943-3361