30 Years of Change Campaign


Lou Verna, MAC, LPC, CIP
Retired PHP Case Manager

It is never more evident to recognize the need for change than those in recovery from the devastation of alcohol, drugs, or mental health issues.

Change is a constant shift in anybody’s daily life. However, change makes the biggest impact on the individual who is working toward sobriety on a daily basis. The PHP has demonstrated the ability to support and facilitate change for recovering physicians over the past 30 years. A remarkable achievement accomplished through the program’s longevity and dedication of all those involved.

The PHP has found its strength in the participants and staff evident through their ability to give back what they have received. Participants have shown a remarkable ability to address their personal and professional lives with a clearer vision on a daily basis. Members, through their dedication, became more insightful to their needs as people.

Through their searching process they learned there was another person within themselves beyond the title of “MD.”

Participants on numerous occasions spoke about becoming better physicians, taking more time to listen and recognize the needs of their patients. We all need support in our daily lives. Through its longevity, the PHP will continue to offer balance, support, and growth through its continuing work and accomplishments, ensuring the safety of its participants and the public.